Flynn, Gillian: Gone Girl (2012)

nSo…it took me WAY too long to finally read this! But I did manage to get around to it before the film was out in the cinemas, so that ought to count for something?

It also definitely took me too long to finally sit down and write about it. Why? Easy: While I do want to recommend this book to absolutely everyone I know (and I did – which you’re probably all too aware of if you know me), writing about it is difficult because it makes me feel like I should put a giant SPOILER ALERT above literally every sentence.

…which is why I’m choosing to stay out of everything (well…I’m trying to, so let’s say I’m making an effort to mostly stay out of it?) plot related. Instead, I want to focus on how the book compares to the film that is based on it and came out in 2014.

While I don’t think that the film in itself was not worth watching, it did miss an important element from the book. The book made its way so high up on my must-recommend-to-absolutely-everybody-list because it never ceased to surprise me. There were multiple turning points and plot twists that I would NEVER have anticipated. The film, however, while obviously retaining the twists (those who read the book / watched the film will know that the story wouldn’t really work without them), managed to use techniques that made them by far more obvious than they were in the book.

Case in point: As I said before, I was surprised by most of the plot twists in the novel – especially by the main twist that all of a sudden changes everything. My boyfriend, however, who did not read the book but watched the film with me, wasn’t surprised at all. He saw through the whole thing pretty much from the beginning and he annoyed me by predicting every single twist and turn. He does that. He is admittedly just insanely good at predicting the outcome of films, telling me when it would make sense for the producers of TV series to kill of a beloved character (thanks, honey, for increasing my grief about these things every.single.time) and being a smart-arse in general.

But. It might be true that I’m not that good at predicting anything related to the silver screen. But I do know about books and it does take something for a book to actually surprise me. Which is why this one stood out to me so much.

So where am I going with this? What I want to say is this: If you still have the chance, PLEASE read Gone Girl before watching the film.

Did you read / watch Gone Girl? Any thoughts?

If you watched it: were you able to predict the outcome early on?

Also: would you (finally!) read it if I promised you a cookie for doing so?Β 


2 thoughts on “Flynn, Gillian: Gone Girl (2012)

    1. Hi! *excited squeal*


      Sorry, hi again!
      As you might have noticed, I got a bit carried away by the fact that someone actually commented on my blog. Wait…does that mean somebody’s actually read this post?


      Well…that’s more than I expected – and I love to hear that you had similar experiences with Gone Girl! =)
      (And now excuse me – I have to go check out your little corner of the internet! I popped over there quickly before replying and I saw…Sherlock gifs?? I’m in. =))

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