Sorry, what? I mean…WHAT?

Hi there!

If you came here to hear (read?) me ramble about books, I’m sorry. It’s just not that kind of day. Instead, let me tell you a story:

The story starts at TK-Maxx with me crouching on the floor squished between two bra racks and trying to figure out if they had any bras in my size. If this doesn’t sound very comfortable to you, you’re right, it wasn’t. But keep reading, for this is going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable from here.

Enter Creepy Guy. Creepy Guy approaches me and says:

Pick the most expensive bra you can find, I’ll buy it for you.

Sorry, what? At first I really didn’t understand what he was saying because it didn’t make any sense. He repeated his offer at which point it became clear to me that I was being hit on. In the underwear department of TK-Maxx while crouching between bra racks.

I rolled my eyes at him and continued picking out bras, assuming that he’d take the hint and move along. He didn’t. He kept standing there watching me. I was getting increasingly more uncomfortable with the situation and told him to leave me alone, please. The way he stood in front of me meant that I was trapped in the space between two bra racks and I literally had my back against the wall, which made me feel even more uncomfortable. He didn’t budge and instead repeated his offer. He added that of course he’d have to come to the changing room with me to judge whether the bra I picked out fit and looked good.

Did I mention that I’ve never met the guy in my life?! What the hell?

Anyway, I told him that he was being creepy and pushed past him, taking some of the bras I’d found with me to the changing room. He looked at me like he was actually shocked that his pick-up line hadn’t worked. O.o

In case you’re wondering: the bras fit and looked good (since I didn’t accept Creepy Guy’s offer to assist me with his opinion, you’ll have to take my word for it). I ended up walking away with two additions to my collection.

And in just case I didn’t make that clear enough: of course I paid for them myself! I don’t even know what got into that guy – had he lost a bet? Had he done that before and been successful? Did he think I was a hooker? Btw: if he thought that, I’m insulted. Even if I was a hooker, I certainly wouldn’t be that cheap. There’s only one reason to shop at TK-Maxx: to make a good bargain. So maybe he should try that tactic at Victoria’s Secret next time. Or…maybe not.

Although of course nothing horrible had happened to me, I still felt uncomfortable for a while after I left the store. This kind of experience just isn’t pleasant and I seriously don’t know why some men still seem to believe that women should take being hit on as a compliment – even if they hit on them in very inappropriate ways. There’s a not-so-hard-to-miss line between paying someone the compliment of wanting to get to know them and sexually harassing them.

Thematically, today’s encounter with Creepy Guy ties in with a video I watched earlier this week:

It’s a video that shows men reacting to footage of their girlfriends being approached by complete strangers during the course of their days. What I found interesting is that it seems like these men are completely unaware of the kind of inappropriate behaviour their girlfriends have to put up with if they leave the house on their own. This is not OK and I would really like for it to stop. I don’t think I ever felt complimented by this kind of thing as much as I felt inconvenienced and disturbed. Especially because this is unfortunately also still a reality:

DSCF1696People keep saying to just ignore unwanted approaches like the one quoted on that flyer. The unfortunate truth is: you never know how someone is going to react to that kind of behaviour. If you’re lucky, they’ll just move on and mind their own business. If you’re not, you might end up making the situation worse by ignoring them…

Have you had similar experiences to the one I’m describing in this post? 

I’m curious: tell me the worst pick-up line anyone’s ever tried on you. 😉


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