Connelly, Michael: The Last Coyote (1996 / Harry Bosch #4)

The fourth part of the series (reviews of the previous three parts can be found here) started off with a major disappointment, as a relationship that I’d been kind of excited about ended off-page so to speak, meaning everything seemed fine at the end of part three, and then at the beginning of part four it’s just over. 😯

…that’s not OK!

Anyway, before I divulge any more spoilers, let me just say: I think I need a break from this series. After really enjoying the third part, The Concrete Blonde, The Last Coyote was somewhat less exciting by comparison. That or maybe I just got a bit tired of Bosch’s rogue cop stunt in the meantime.

The Last Coyote starts out with Bosch having been suspended from his job after ‘The Incident’ – big fucking surprise. It takes Connelly half the novel to get around to explaining what ‘The Incident’ actually was, and when he does it is significantly less exciting than the build-up suggested. It was pretty much just Bosch being Bosch and doing what Bosch does – mainly pissing off his superiors.

However, ‘The Incident’ and the resulting suspension are necessary for the rest of the plot, as Bosch utilises the extra time to confront something that had haunted him all his life: the murder of his mother. Bosch being Bosch, he obviously doesn’t see a problem in the fact that he is officially suspended from doing any police work and that his badge was taken away. While I could see why it would be important for him to come to terms with his past, I personally didn’t like the timing Connelly chose to have Bosch look into it. I know that the major premise behind the character is that he doesn’t play by the rules, but in this novel it started to get on my nerves.

That and the fact that nobody in this novel seems to object to a – suspended or not – police officer who is blissfully drink-driving his car all. the. time. I mean…was this just not a concern in the 1990s? 😯

Just to include some more spoilers:

Bosch does find out who killed his mother in the end, but that too is less enthralling than I would have thought. It’ll be interesting – one day, when I’ll probably pick up part five, but not right now – to see if finding out about the exact circumstances of his mother’s death provides some closure for Bosch, even though I’m not too hopeful that it will, seeing as Bosch seems to insist on his fucked-uptedness no matter what.

On a completely unrelated note: What is it with people and shooting dogs???

I started reading a collection of short stories yesterday – Redeployment by Phil Klay if anyone’s interested. The very first story was about shooting dogs and managed to make me cry. I put the book down for the day after that and went back to reading the latest John Grisham Thriller, Rogue Lawyer (at least I think it’s his latest). But guess what – dogs were being shot in that one as well. WTF is wrong with people?? 😡


4 thoughts on “Connelly, Michael: The Last Coyote (1996 / Harry Bosch #4)

  1. I’ve read quite a few of the Bosch novels and I like them. Much like you, though, I don’t want to read too many of them in a row. I am on a bit of a break, hoping my library will suddenly find the ones I haven’t read back in stock, or will order them.
    Thanks for the review.
    By the way, what do you think of the Bosch TV series?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have recorded an episode…but it is somewhere in the middle of the series, so I haven’t gotten to it yet. I am a little afraid of being disappointed and haven’t jumped all over it. (after the Tom Cruise Reacher debacle)


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